This book is my personal journey of healing and the discovery of my inner place of power I call my Goddess.  It’s also an opportunity for you as a woman who wants a better life to discover your power – your Goddess and to examine your choices and level of authenticity in the world on your own personal journey of transformation. Your journey will look similar but totally different, because we are all unique and wonderful women.   To begin your voyage, it is necessary to be in the state of mind to be open to possibility, ready for high levels of honesty and come with the burning desire to experience joy, love your life, and own your Goddess within!  

Empowerment is just the beginning of Get Your Goddess On... Own Your Power • Love Your Life.  What you do with your own experiences combined with new knowledge and fresh ways of discovering solutions you may not have thought of before,  can possibly open up a world of new opportunities on your journey.

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Spirituality is as vast and varied as the people of every nation, country and continent, creating their own version of spirituality in unique ways.  That is the most powerful feeling to me about spirituality - to be free to have a conversation with a higher power is so beautiful and empowering, no matter what method you use. 


About MY Writing

   When I read a book, I like to be in a conversation with the author, so I felt the best way to connect to people as an author, was to have a conversation with them.  Some of the women who were on my pre publishing team told me that when they read my book they could hear my voice, as if I was sitting down talking with them.  Mission accomplished.

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Get Your Goddess On is a road map that guides you through an empowering journey to learn to love yourself again. The stories and examples are inspiring, heartwarming, and filled with raw honesty to help you discover their inner Goddess power.  As an added bonus, the self-guided exercises at the end of each chapter give you the opportunity for introspective healing and growth. No matter what challenges or struggles you have faced, you’ll benefit from these effective suggestions and strategies in this refreshing, authentic book. Read more...



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