When I read a book, I like to be in a conversation with the author, so I felt the best way to connect to people as an author, was to have a conversation with them.  Some of the women who were on my pre publishing team told me that when they read my book they could hear my voice, as if I was sitting down talking with them.  Mission accomplished.

As my journey began, I realized that I had given away so much of my power, I didn’t know if I had any left.  In some ways I felt I had backed out of the driveway with an empty tank and had no credit card or gas money for the trip.  Then I began to realize the vast number of places where I had given my power away.  With a few steps, that power began slowly and steadily coming back to me and I continued to own more and more of ME again.  To my surprise, my tank remained full for the entire duration of the journey and continues to stay full, now that I’m home.  With the choices I made, I owned my Goddess within me, more with every lesson I learned. That’s when I began writing. Introspection was helpful in acknowledging that I wanted something more authentic for myself and that I was ready to let go of what wasn’t working and OWN my power within!  A big step for me was in the realization that it was ABOUT TIME and maybe it was also "about time" for other women too.  Perhaps they would want to come on my healing journey to heal together with me? There was only one way to find out. 

One interesting question that I’m asked regularly is about the title of my book; the word Goddess. Calling my power center my Goddess was an act of reverence, respect and the only word I found that was worthy of this awesome space I discovered in myself.  I am proud of the book I have authored and have sure come a long way in healing myself! 

What started out to be a legacy for my daughters, has become a passion and a way of life to share this empowering information with other women.   If I make a small difference for even one person with my writing, examples and stories, I consider myself a success as an author. Read, share, heal and love yourself.