About THe Author


Cat is the girl next door.  She is a regular woman with naturally curly hair and has had some extraordinary experiences happen in her life.  Some amazingly wonderful, and some memorable events when she didn’t know if she’d make it through the night.

Trained originally as a Dental Hygienist, she then spent 20 years as a stay at home mom with two wonderful stepsons, followed by two sweet daughters, and a span of twenty eight years between the oldest and the youngest.  She also became a Master Gardener on all levels, a certified Italian plasterer and a Ford model (at the tender age of 50).  For the last many years she has owned her own business called Home Beautiful Staging & Design, LLC where she has been a decorator, painter, organizer, professional landscaper, an accredited Home Stager and also combined her business as a certified life coach.  

Following her second divorce (It so much fun the first time, she had to do it again), she finally started taking responsibility and owning her mistakes.  After gut wrenching accountability and forgiveness processes and years of fighting authenticity… she decided she’d learned enough to finally share her experiences and lessons with her daughters to make sure they did not repeat her mistakes and major blunders in life. They should be free to make their own mistakes.   That’s where the original purpose came into play for the book and the idea of becoming an author became a reality.  While on her healing journey, she discovered her Goddess and owned her power for the very first time in her life!   The stronger she became, the less the dreaded “Miss Congeniality Syndrome” consumed her life and she was actually able to empower herself so that joy finally entered her new life on a daily basis.  Her journey of lessons and discoveries that had become her book, also became her reality, and her legacy for her daughters was intact.

One thing Cat learned along the way, was how to NOT take herself so seriously.  This made the journey easier and tons more fun because discoveries and opportunities started flowing in and guiding her to the next steps to discover her Goddess and also find ways to learn how to love herself again.  Pretty profound stuff for a girl who didn’t believe in herself for the first 40+ years of her life!  Since no map had been given to her, the best way to show her daughters the way to the treasure (Goddess) was to create the map by retracing her steps and listing lots of things that worked…sometimes they were easy and sometimes more difficult than she ever imagined.  Giant hurdles, lots of tears, years of reluctant discoveries and the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel came together as she sat down to begin the next chapter of her life as an author.  Coolest thing she ever did besides becoming a mom. Actually writing a book is like giving birth to a "baby" without the stretch marks and the need to start a college fund. 

Cat loves traveling, photography, creating art in handmade paper and mosaics, as well as hiking, beach combing and cheesy romantic comedies.  Something that is a secret love of hers is the giant fairy garden she has in her back yard every summer….it seems to grow every year and soon might take over the whole yard! She lives in Cedarburg, WI with her youngest daughter and two furry boys named Luchi and Dexter…and she is a very happy lady that loves and embraces life each and every day!